Our Firm


Charter Financial Resources is comprised of a team of talented professionals located in Highlands Ranch Colorado who are experienced to help you understand your portfolio, protect your assets, minimize your taxes and generally prepare for or maximize your retirement years.


Our experts are uniquely qualified to provide estate planning, portfolio management, legal consulting and estate-protection documents, life insurance, long-term care insurance, and tax planning.


Too often, financial planning firms are “solutions in search of problems.”  By contrast, we realize that no two clients are alike, and we carefully review individual client objectives, gather all pertinent information, develop a full analysis based on group thinking, and present specific tailor-made solutions for client needs.


CHARTER'S process to help you protect your estate involves:

  1. Providing you a signed “Confidential Commitment” document to assure you that we will keep your information confidential;
  2. Conducting important in-depth conversations and meetings with you to fully understand your estate planning objectives, personal situation and opportunities;
  3. Providing a valuable Charter Financial Resources Personal Estate Profile for you to better understand your situation and opportunities; and
  4. Utilizing a group-thinking approach to develop a specific plan and recommendations for each client.

 CHARTER'S philosophy can be boiled down to three tenets:

  1. Treat our clients as we would treat a close relative;
  2. Always provide our best “group thinking” and counsel;
  3. Assure that our clients always remain in control of their financial situation.


CHARTER'S independence.  We are independent advisors.  This means we are not “captive agents," or employees beholden to a specific company or financial institution.   The options we recommend to our clients, therefore, are based on our experience, training and knowledge of the wide array of financial and insurance products available in the marketplace.  Our knowledge will be applied to your estate planning objectives, and this will result in specific recommendations you can consider and act upon as you choose.


Finally, In our opinion, CHARTER'S dedication to customer service is second to none.