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Our most important service is to give our clients a greater feeling of financial security.  If you are like the vast majority of those with whom we work, you are most concerned about your health and making sure you don’t outlive your nest egg.  All of our services are intended to help our clients enjoy the most secure and most enjoyable retirement possible.


Financial planning

Where do you want to go? Too many individuals and couples do not have a specific plan to achieve their financial goals.  We take the time to make sure we understand our clients’ specific objectives.  Then we help each of them by providing a clear picture of their current estate protection documents status, insurance benefit expectations, real estate and other business assets, qualified (retirement) accounts, other accounts and financial resources, emergency funds and their current and/or projected income needs and expectations.   This resulting Charter Financial Resources Estate Profile will be a document that will be updated regularly – both by you and by one of our senior advisors.


Investment Advisory

We belive in The Free Market Portfolio TheoryTM.   Our investment mangement platform is based on maintinging globally diversified portfolios including over 12,000 stocks spread across more than forty countries, designed and engineered to capture market rates of return at a low cost to investors.


Estate Planning

Thanks to our in-house counsel, Charter Financial Resources is able to provide necessary Durable Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Living Wills, Beneficiary Deeds, HIPAA authorization documents, Family Trusts and other legal tools necessary to protect one’s estate. 


Insurance Planning

        Charter Financial Resources has extensive experience in helping our clients manage the estate-impacting risks of an untimely death of a spouse, of expensive long-term care expenses, and of other unanticipated situations.  We develop thoughtful risk management plans by using various types of insurance to meet the needs of our clients and those they love.


Long Term Care Strategies

        Many options exist for financing your Long Term Care Plan, and some without traditional LTC insurance.  With your secure, independent retirement in mind, our LTC specialist will explain the best options available and help you choose the right solution. 


Tax Planning

Our CPAs will review your estate plan, and previous and current taxes, and consult with other Charter team members to find the best ways to minimize your taxes, maximize your savings, and plan ahead for your most enjoyment retirement.